Physical address
Warehouse #3, 11 Stott Road, Selby, Johannesburg, 2001

Postal address
P.O. Box 55599, Northlands, Johannesburg, 2116

William Kelly
T: +27 82 886 7114

Hugo Höll
T: +33 60 703 3391

Ross Matthews
T: +27 83 307 3073

Our Approach

Our Approach

Our approach to projects is always from a first principles point of view. There are occasions when this cannot be undertaken, such as in existing developments, but in any event we work on the basis of a scope of work agreed, resulting in a clear mandate that we then work to.

The mandate is then always agreed before the engagement is initiated. It will cover all or specific elements of, where applicable

• Project scope definition
• Market
• Site
• Feed mill (optional)
• Hatchery (optional)
• Aquaculture farm
• Processing & cold storage
• Infrastructure
• Legal & environmental
• Project schedule
• Cost estimation
• Project risk assessment
• Financial modelling and evaluation

The agreed mandate clearly defines the responsibilities of the parties and the nature of the engagement – from undertaking an initial Conceptual Study (which can often be completed on a desktop basis) through to the Bankable Feasibility Study which requires in depth investigation of each of the success factors and how these are dealt by the operator. Often a pilot plant may be required in order to confirm the reasonableness of the assumptions used in both the engineering and financial modelling.

Typically we use proven project management in our engineering work. Often we are building businesses from the ground up, or verifying specific aspects of them. Project management that fits to the mandate given is applied.

Classification Reference Class 0 Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
Conceptual Pre-Feasibility Bankable Feasibility Control
Purpose of Study Idea generation Determine project viability Increase accuracy of selected option Detailed engineering phase
Strategic fit with business plan Identify, optimise and trade
off options
Feasibility and/or funding
Technical Alternatives
Approval to proceed Approval to proceed Approval to proceed Funding approval, basis of control budget


Our team is augmented through our relationship with DRA Global, a large consulting engineering concern. DRA has an agricultural engineering team, PGBI, as one of their divisions with whom we have a technical alliance. PGBI bolsters our engineering pedigree by adding the disciplines of mechanical, civil, electrical, process and draughting as and when required. Ultimately however, we retain control and accountability.