Physical address
Warehouse #3, 11 Stott Road, Selby, Johannesburg, 2001

Postal address
P.O. Box 55599, Northlands, Johannesburg, 2116

William Kelly
T: +27 82 886 7114

Hugo Höll
T: +33 60 703 3391

Ross Matthews
T: +27 83 307 3073

Fish for sale

We sell fry and fingerlings for on growing and whole fish for consumption.

We are now in production with brood stock tanks, nursery tanks in the hatchery and a large, sectioned grow-out tank.  Following successful early stage production, we have 7-10g nile tilapia male fingerlings (oreochromis niloticus) for sale.  These originate from genetically enhanced Til-Aqua brood-stock.

Using all male fingerlings gives faster growth rates than mixed-sex production and usually prevents aggressive behaviour and injuries.


Pricing is as follows:

Fry (upto 20 days old, graded)

  • 0-1,000        R1.00 ea ex VAT
  • 1,000+          R0.80 ea ex VAT

Fingerlings (upto 60 days old, graded)

  • 0-1,000        R2.00 ea ex VAT
  • 1,000+          R1.50 ea ex VAT
  1. Fingerlings have to be caught and prepared for collection, therefore all orders must be placed and paid for in advance.
  2. The pick-up date and time will be agreed when the order is placed.
  3. Delivery costs are not included and are calculated at R5/km, in which case packaging will be required
  4. If required packaging costs per box (max 2,500 fry per box, 150 fingerlings)               R50.00 incl of VAT
    Upgrade to insulated polystyrene fish box                                                                            R115.00 incl of VAT
  5. The fish must be collected from our premises in Selby/Wemmer, Johannesburg.
  6. The buyer must have a permit for Nile Tilapia


Fresh whole fish are sold on ice.

Whole rounds (whole fish), fresh on ice, ex-factory, 500 to 700g size           R115/kg (VAT incl)

SGG (subject to availability)                                                                                    R138/kg (VAT incl)

Bulk/Wholesale pricing (NB! min qty 50kg)                                                        R86/kg (VAT Incl)

  • Fresh fish can be frozen on request.
  • Delivery costs are not included and are calculated at R5/km
    Packaging, per box (max 8 kg per per box)                                                R40.00 (VAT incl)
  • Upgrade to insulated polystyrene fish box                                                 R115.00 (VAT incl).


Please contact William Kelly on 082 886 7114 or Jacques Höll on 083 376 6198 for further details.