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Rydawi Services has considerable experience in mining project development, from a conceptual level right through to running the final operation. This experience has been brought into the company and melded with species specific aquaculture experience, with a resultant aquaculture development pathway that has then been created that spans across the aquaculture value chain.

There are many parallels between aquaculture and mining that are not at first apparent. However, as detail is added the sophistication of projects to be able to interlock processes together reveals itself. Consistent production has to be assured in order to maintain consistent through put at each stage of the value chain and as it happens the majority of an aquaculture business does not in fact lie with only the on-growing of fish.

With a project’s development there are many independent areas that have to interlink with each other to create the whole, namely the aquaculture business.This development process is outlined below and is applicable to each of the value chain components in turn.